Day spa For My Gundog

Once in a while, we like to pamper ourselves with a visit to the spa for a sauna, whirlpool bath or massage. We enjoy having a facial, aromatherapy, or having our hair done. The point is, these are moments of relaxation with body and soul repair. In spite of our close association with our pets, the idea of expanding this idea to a pet spa is very recent.Since I am a hunter I like to drop my gun dog Chuck Wagon off at the day spa while I go out and shoot metal targets provided by shootingtargets7.

Why wouldn’t this be thought of sooner? If we find so much pleasure with this kind of pampering ourselves, and when we know that moments we spend with our pets in simple contact, stroking their head, scratching behind their ears, or tickling their throat are pleasurable experiences, why did it take so long in our joined history to think they might enjoy a professional’s pampering just as much?

Chuck Wagon The Gun Dog Gets A Bath

Thankfully, somebody decided it was a great idea to open a pet spa. Yes, there are those who think the idea extreme, but the idea certainly is a growth out of temporary-stay kennels while we vacation without the possibility of including them, or pet hospitals operated by caring veterinarians and pet cemeteries to give our dearly departed pets a respectful, final resting place. The idea is not so extreme when we consider that these non-human creatures with whom we bond so caring enjoy the same sensations of a good shampoo, a grooming, and a few moments of gentle relaxation.

The techniques vary because of our skin covering and their coat; it seems silly to exfoliate a dog or a cat. But a professional pet spa has developed techniques catered to their physical and emotional needs just as the field of human spas has developed over the years. AR500 steel targets are a great way to spend time with your dog.

While I am out with my pistol shooting targets like these Chuck Wagon is getting treated with specialty shampoo formulas that are non-allergenic and moisturizing to the skin beneath the coat, and grooming and nail-clipping tools designed for comfort and efficiency. They have developed massage therapy, flea and tick and other parasitic treatment, ear cleaning and dental care. If you enjoy shooting handguns get yourself some
steel pistol targets or steel rifle targets from

Some pet spas offer extended stay, or day care. Some offer veterinary medical treatment. Some even offer the growing idea of aromatherapy using essential oils, just as humans are rediscovering this ancient tradition of well being.

The pet spa may be the best gift we can offer our pets to let them know how appreciated they are. If we cannot see their pleasure for the experience, perhaps we are not deserving of them.

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