Electronic Dog Fences – How the System Works

Electronic Dog Fences

Do you sometimes ponder how electronic fence as a system of containment works? Technology and the curiosity of various people create room for fantastic notion be possible. Behind this magnificent invention is also a great set up. How does this invisible dog fences work?

The mixture training, technology and electronics comprises the underground or he wireless pet fence. The ideas behind all these wireless fences regardless of its manufacturers are just similar. All of the systems consist of similar components- the transmitter, the collar having the receiver and the loops of wire.

The buried loops of wires are used by the transmitter to transmit radio signal. The signal can be very simple like a sine wave. The wires buried underground serves as antenna and transform the signal into an electromagnetic wave. These wires which you will bury underground will set the boundary of your dog.

The signal surrounding the wire has a very minimum range (approximately 10 or 15 feet) that is why the electric dog fence transmitter doesn’t utilize great amount of power. There are several other systems available. In some of these systems, there are two signals running through the wire. In these signals, on is at its low power and the other at a higher power. To provide various levels of modification, the collar is able to detect different distances from the wire.

The collar that will be attached to your dog has a small radio receiver inside. When this radio gets near to the wire you’ve buried, it will receive the signal that the underground wire transmits. For example, if your dog gets closer to the boundary that the owner set, the receiver will receive the signal causing it to beep. Through it, the dog will know if it will about to cross the given boundary.

The underground dog fence wire will be installed in the pre-planned boundary of the owner. The wires will be positioned around the perimeter of a yard then loops back to the transmitter. Bear in mind that the transmitter should be situated in safe place, in a dry location (Garage for example)

To make the process short, the transmitter is plug into an electrical outlet and emits signal to pass through the underground wire that have been installed. Thus, this transmitter can accommodate several pet provided that you have sufficient collars. The loops of wire will be the primary determinant on how this invisible containment system mechanisms. The secret of your home depot electric fences for dogs is located underground. The connection between the transmitters, wires and the receivers with the training, explain how the system works.